Increasing Customer LTV Through Mobile Casino Marketing

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Casino apps on mobile are one of the most profitable niches out there and retaining a good customer lifetime value can mean maximized profits over time. However, the one problem encountered by Casino mobile apps is keeping their customers. This requires a strategic integration of mobile Casino gambling marketing, cross selling casino products, paid search and social media. To retain customers, mobile Casino sites have to improve the user experience, content marketing across different channels, mobile technology performance and other benchmarks. Mobile casino operators would be wise to look into their mobile UX and see how it affects the usage and retention of customers. Here are some of the main areas to improve:

1.Incentivise sign ups on different acquisition channels

A cash sign up offer is great for the new casino customer but it can be abused by customers using different login details. There must be customer data verification in place to deter any from claiming multiple cash offers.  You can maximize your Casino mobile ROI by placing different bonus offers on different acquisition channels. This will make your costs of customer acquisition go down and your ROI go up in the long run.

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2.Don’t forget to cross sell across different channels

Deciding where to promote and acquire Casino customers is key to the success of multichannel casino operators. Cross selling from different devices to events can have a positive impact on your Casino marketing ROI. By displaying all the products on a dedicated mobile channel and sending mobile optimized content when customers are using mobile devices, you can increase the conversion rates for mobile users. Find the optimal times when mobile users are most likely to engage with their content: early morning and after work. You can time your Casino offers during these times for maximum conversions.

3.Optimize your email for mobile

A shocking 70% of emails are not properly optimized for mobile devices. Mobile optimization is so important that even Google has decided to use Accelerated Mobile Pages as a way to rank websites on mobile search. It is important to optimize all casino email communications for mobile users-and different smartphone formats. Mobile optimization goes beyond the size of the font; the images, brand logo and calls to actions have to be optimized for conversions and customer retention.

4.Mobile push notifications

Push notifications deliver content immediately to customers and capture their attention more effectively. There has to be a delicate balance between the right frequency of push notifications and too many. Customers will disable any push notifications that they find annoying and may even delete your Casino gaming app.

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