Newbie Player Bags Golden Slot Mini Jackpot

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Slot machines are one of the top most played casino games all over the world mainly because it’s easy to play and the minimum bet required is very little, for as low as 10 cents per line. There’s no need for special instructions, complicated game rules and hard to understand betting odds. Even a first timer can operate a slot machine without any fuss.

A young man just proved that you don’t have to be a slot expert in order to win the jackpot when he took home the $30,000 mini jackpot prize in one of golden slot machines. The slot game that gave him his “beginner’s luck”, Rome and Glory is one of the latest slot game offered at Golden Slots Casino.

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The newbie did not even shell out any amount. He just registered to become a member of the casino and upon activation of his account, a sign in bonus worth $50 was automatically credited to his account. He then used his welcome bonus to play slots. According to him, his first game choice was Forest of Wonder but there was a problem with the machine so he was forced to the next slot, the Rome of Glory. He said he never expected to win at all and especially not the big amount with betting just cents. He was there to get the feel of what it’s like being inside a casino, though his two friends who were with him encouraged him to play. His friends believed that casinos are usually generous to new players and let them win most of the time.

Well, they were right on that. After all, the young man was lucky from that moment he joined the growing members of the said casino up to that time he started playing. In just about 10 minutes in the game, the reel showed the pattern which won him the mini pot. He did not even realize he hit the mini jackpot thinking it was just free spins. It just dawned on him what happened when one of his friends shouted with excitement that he “got it”.

Play any of golden slot latest game for a chance to be showered with daily treats plus the opportunity of bagging huge jackpots and bonuses. Choose from the wide array of new slot games, start building your bankroll and just have a good time at Golden Slots Casino.

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