Casinos with Tight Slot Machines Have Decreased Revenues

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In any casinos all over the world, there are hundreds of slots machines provided for its immense players. Slot is the top most played casino game whether in actual or virtual version. The demand for slot machines is so high that in Japan alone, there are approximately 27 slots for every person.

A recent report from the United States said the machines have gotten tighter in their area. Slots players are starting to complain while casino operators are apprehensive about the decline in their casino revenues. The negative impact of the machine’s performance has alarmed the casino operators and manufacturers of slots.

While some people, especially the gamblers might think casinos low percentage hold brings bigger profit to the operators, this is not actually the case. Casinos with slots that are tight tend to be losing income due to how the players react when they always have a bad slot game. There is a risk that these gamblers will not come back. Also, the bad experience in the particular casino will spread out fast to other players and thus, they will avoid going to that casino which have tight machines. In fact, study revealed that gamblers are playing slots less than they did in the past.

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Though analysts attributed the dip in casino revenue to the recession, which significantly hurt the casino gaming industry in general, The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers are still looking closely on the slots issue. Upon investigation, they have found out that casino slot machines in most states have increased payout percentage hold from 5.96% in 1990 to 9.37% in 2014. During the same period, the revenue of slots in Nevada has decreased by 5%.

The gaming industry is trying to fix the problem in order to restore and improve the performance of slot machines and bring back loss profits. Trade associations, casino operators and game equipment manufacturers are in talks to finalize changes or enhancements that will be done to the slot machines. Players may soon experience a better and more entertaining skill- based slot machines that are capable of giving higher percentage payouts.

After all, land based slots are supposed to be preset to generate about 80% payout andup to 96% for online casino slots. But so far, only the slot machines in brick-and-mortar casinos seem to have a performance set back. All slots online casino, are still vastly sought by online gamblers. The golden slots casino has the highest payout percentages among other casinos online.

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