How Poker Became a Part of America’s Culture

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Poker is considered to be among the list of typical American stuffs just like apple pie, democracy and Hollywood movies. Though poker wasn’t really born in United States, it has been highly popularized in the country and is claimed as an all American card game. Nowadays, poker has transitioned from being viewed as a gambling game to being viewed as a sports in the USA. Credits to the wide media coverage of every poker tournaments which contributed a lot in spreading the poker culture and made it one of the hottest card games not only in America but all over the world.

There are several versions of how poker came to bein existence but most of the stories agree that poker is a predecessor of some earlier games which has originated from different countries. According to older people, poker was a variation of a Chinese game way back 900 A.D, wherein it is played with dominoes and not cards but later on the emperor Mu Tsung has introduced the “domino cards” game which is believed to be the oldest form of poker. However, a game in Germany called “Pochspiel” has also been considered the forerunner of poker has we have known it today. It is said to have similar rules of the game. Other people though thought poker was derived from an Indian card game, “ganjifa” and is used for betting games.


Poker indeed has a rich history but how did it became a part of the American culture? Well, according to the most popular belief, poker originated from France and it was called “pogue” played in the 15th century with the card deck as we know it today, 52 cards and 4 suits. The pogue game that time was already a game of bluffing and betting very much like the present poker game. Progue was then brought by the French colonials to Canada and then in the beginning of the 17th century it has made its way to the United States though it debuted and has gained recognition during the 18th century in New Orleans. The game was played by many soldiers during the civil war and has evolved frompogue to “stud” then “draw” until pogue was renamed poker in 1834 by Jonathan Greene, a gambling fan who learned to play poker, has acquired skills and discovered the different versions of pogue now called poker. Since then, poker has been played all over America, has been accepted as an American game and has been an important part of the country’s culture.

The world of poker has continued to gather a lot of players, fans and followers. Thanks to the rise of online poker sites, it can now be played anywhere in the world. If you want to feel the poker culture, go to Gclub online casino and gclub download poker games to play for fun or for real money.

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