Betting on sports with Bitcoin – the new reality

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With BTC transactions taking just seconds to be completed, the cryptocurrency makes a perfect payment solution for online sports bettors and casino gamers.

Gambling in any of its forms, including making bets on sports events, has been one of the favorite pastimes of passionate people and thrill addicts for millennia now. Over the years, it has reached a simply unimaginable scope: for example, in 2015, in the U.S. alone, the total size of the country sports betting market was estimated at a staggering $400 billion.


The trick is, of all the fifty states of the United States, wagering as such is only lawful in 4: Oregon, Montana, Delaware, and Nevada. Naturally, it results in only 1/10 of all bets made in the market being legal. Ironically, the situation in Europe is quite the opposite.

For bettors, things turned much more simple about two decades ago when the first gambling portals were launched. Indeed, making wagers on the Internet relieved us from the necessity to go to another location to enjoy our favorite betting activities like casino games. Still, there are a couple of issues about virtual gambling that need to be resolved. For one, traditional electronic payments used in the industry today – wire transfers, card/bank payments etc. – are too far from being called instantaneous. On top of it, the former aren’t cost-efficient either, as the fee amounts charged by processors for every transaction are simply unreasonable, and, in case with the latter, a payer needs to confirm their identity, too, which, more often than not, simply makes people unwilling to proceed.

All thanks to Bitcoin, gamblers are able to make away with these issues. What BTC bettors need to put up with are just fractional miners fee amounts being a part of the blockchain system. Further, the cryptocurrency allows users to anonymously perform superfast fund transactions taking just minutes or, most often, seconds to be completed, thus making itself a perfect payment solution for online sports bettors and casino gamers. Today, the industry of virtual BTC gambling is on the rise, so you may be eager to learn which Bitcoin-friendly betting platform deserves your attention the most.

These days, the opportunities are ample, but if we are speaking about a universal portal combining a vast choice of casino/slot games and a manifold selection of sports betting options, you may want to consider trying, which has been a number one online gambling destination for players from all over the globe for quite a while now. With its integrated sportsbook platform offering markets for all major championships, including e-sports, will surely keep you entertained for a long time.

As we can see now, the advent of BTC to the industry of Internet gambling has been all but ineluctable, as the necessity for revolutionary changes in it has been brewing all the time along, and, although previously the cryptocurrency was subject to bursts of volatility, since the turn of year it has been growing rather steadily, meaning its period of strong instability may be over.

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