What is the ‘Martingale’ System And Does it Work in Online Casinos?

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One of the most famous betting systems or ‘strategies’ is the Martingale system. Odds are you may have encountered mention of it in the past, but before you rush in and try to use it you should first understand exactly what it is – and whether or not it really works in online casinos.

Brief Explanation of the ‘Martingale’ System

At its core the ‘Martingale’ system is actually a very simple method of betting. When you use it you will place a bet, and if you win you will pocket your winnings and continue to place a bet of the same size. However if you lose you will double your bet.


On the surface that may sound like a great idea. After all if you’re doubling your bet after losing that will mean that if you win the next bet you will cover your losses and make a profit on top of that. For example if you bet $10 the first time and lost, but then bet $20 the second time and won you’d end up with $10 profit.

Unfortunately as much as it may seem to make sense, the fact of the matter is that the ‘Martingale’ system doesn’t really hold up.

Problem with the ‘Martingale’ System

The problem with the ‘Martingale’ system is that while it can work somewhat in the short term, in the long term it has the potential to lose you a lot of money. That is best illustrated with this example:

  • Place a first bet of $10 and lose so total losses are $10.
  • Place a second bet of $20 and lose so total losses are $30.
  • Place a third bet of $40 and lose so total losses are $70.
  • Place a fourth bet of $80 and lose so total losses are $150.
  • Place a fifth bet of $160 and lose so total losses are $310.
  • Place a sixth bet of $320 and lose so total losses are $630.

See how sharply the losses increase? Before you know it you may even hit the maximum bet and at that point you won’t be able to cover your losses. In short you would have made a massive loss – which is where the ‘Martingale’ system fails.

Rather than using betting systems that simply don’t work, the better approach is to play games at an online casino such as G club that offer good odds along with a solid bonus system. That way you’ll end up getting the most bang for your buck, and won’t get caught in the trap of most ‘systems’ like that.

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