A little in-depth about RTP and Volatility for online slots

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It is always fun to indulge yourself in different games but the most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is to playing the games safely and securely when money is involved in the same. In these casino games, while some people tend to stick to the huge jackpot games in the dream of making it big, some others tend to stick to small yet daily wins and bonuses to keep them hooked.

Return to Player or RTP as it is abbreviated as and Volatility are two of the most important things that needs to be kept in and have an in-depth knowledge to enhance not just their entertainment but even their profitability.

  • Return to Player (RTP):

I am sure you want to know that What is RTP. This is simply the term that is variedly used by the casinos to describe and elaborate the amount of money that the VLT or the slot machine pays back to the players. The RTP percentage offered by a casino is yet another determining factor about which games the players should play, even though all the casinos are not that forthcoming and open about the best and the most profitable games.2

If stated simply, assume that if a casino has a 90% RTP, then for every dollar spent 1/10th of the amount is returned to the casino as a fixed rate and the rest of the money is gradually returned to the user, depending on how many times the player has lost or won.

The RTP percentage is varying and maybe different with the different games or even may vary with the casinos. It is obviously better to opt for the ones with higher RTP percentage for a better return.

  • Volatility for online slots:

Gambling and casino games come along with a lot of risks and a lot of money on stake. Volatility is mainly the risk that is involved in the game. There may be times when the player is winning the games on a row and in other times drag along rough patches and not win at all. It is mainly because of the volatility.

High volatility slot machines are the ones which come along with a very few payouts but whenever the player’s luck turns out good, the payback seems to be very good.

Low volatility slot machines on the other hand, are the ones which tend to pay out regular wins along with frequently activated bonus games. Even though the wins in this type of slot tends to be not much, the risk is comparatively lower.

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