A man who won $200,000 in a poker tournament: meet Tarik Freitekh

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Tarik Freitekh, a man who is not only a talented director, producer as well as an owner of several hookah lounges and restaurants ,  but also a fantastic player of poker game. Not only that, he is also a co founder of very popular music production company starbuzz entertainment. He also has an international music distribution company in USA. Besides everything he is amazing person and a very famous face. He also have a good relation with Hollywood‘s famous actors and singers as well.

 Tarik Freitekh recently participated in poker tournament that was held in Cherokee Casino and surprisingly, he won that match with great winning amount i.e. $200,000, but he will get winning amount only after deducting 40% as a tax amount. Tarik Freitekh also said that he learned the ability of reading people’s faces and expression because of his carrier and people that he met. Tarik Freitekh deals with lots of people as well as actors on daily basis, so he learned the talent of reading people and it works as the biggest advantage in winning poker games. He also added that he is not going to pursue poker game as a life time thing but he will definitely participate in tournaments.

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