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This era is of technology and with advancements in technology many changes are coming in different parts of your life. These days’ mobile games are getting quite popular among youngsters and teenage because they are easy to play and do not require any special knowledge. Due to this many of them are becoming mobile addict which can be hazardous for their health. So, keeping this in mind many companies are coming up with the idea of pool games and other machinery game. This gaming option will give you much better result and will also enhance your thinking capability.

Pool table is used for playing billiards in which balls and wooden sticks are used. This game has attracted lot of youngsters towards it. For playing this it is necessary to have a pool table. There are many reputed companies those who offer tables on rent and one of them is Maxi coin. They offer different sizes of tables which are 7*4 and 3*6. Although walnut is the standard color for this, but this company also deal in many other colors such as Oak, Mahogany, and Beech.  In fact, they provide you various options for table cloth as well some of them are purple, blue, burgundy, black, red and green.

Why consider Maxi coin for pool tables?

Many of you will think that there are many other brands that you can consider, then why maxi coin. This is because of the services they provide; their tables are very durable and are made of best quality wood. They supply the rented table with following items:

  • Ball triangle
  • Spare balls with white and black balls
  • Ball set with stripes and spots
  • Chalk
  • Spare tips with small and large cue
  • hard cover for table
  • Cue rack
  • Table trolley
  • Chrome table light

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Other gaming machines provided by the company

Along with the pool table, this company also deals in many other gaming machines. Some of its other popular gaming devices are:

Fruit machines: It is also known as slot machine and poker machine. In this game you have to match fruits with their combinations which will be displayed on the machine screen. It will work when you will insert a coin and it has a handle through which the spinning wheel gets activated.

Digital jukeboxes: This helps in managing your favorite tracks with the help of software. These machines are available with all the latest features that can be used in pubs, bars and clubs. It has video feature in it that helps in displaying your videos on projectors.

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