Choosing online casinos over live casinos – What are some of the main reasons?

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It needs no mention that casinos love you. Whether they’re land-based casinos or online casinos, they want you to gamble with them, tell your family members and friends about them and always keep them the highest rated form of entertainment. To make sure you remain ‘best friends forever’ with the type of casino which you choose, the industry creates loyalty programs which are usually pretty powerful. In short, casinos offer you different kinds of rewards to gamble with them.

Loyalty programs of online casinos and live ones are much different. It is in fact safe to say that online casino reward programs are way ahead of their live counterparts. Here are few reasons why online casinos are better than live ones.

Each and every bet of yours will be tracked

Whenever you sit to start playing Blackjack at a physical casino, you have to depend on the pit boss to track everything. He may ask for your player’s card, make a note of the amount you bought and the time. Whenever the pitboss is not there to track, he may just enter an estimate. However, in the online world, everything from the start to the end is tracked. Online casinos exactly know the amount you have deposited and how much you have lost or won. The online casino will slot you in the actual loyalty program. To get information on physical casinos like Royal Panda Casino which is relatively new in the UK, make sure you check out the Royal Panda review first.

It’s all about how often you play and not about how much you play

Land-based casinos like Energy Casino will offer you service in countries like Eastern and Central Europe but make sure you go through energy casino review before visiting there. Such casinos will love to track you for the amount you bet. However in the world of online casinos, they really give enough value to loyalty. There are many reward programs which reward players for playing often apart from the amount they’ve wagered. So, regular players can grab unanticipated bonuses.

Monthly rewards have become a rule of the game

In case you’re the member of a physical casino based loyalty program, there is enough likelihood that you receive monthly mails which offer you a rebated stay at some casino hotel or get a free pass to some upcoming concert. But if you want a free loyalty based program in physical casinos, you can go through 32Red Review in order to know more on such brick-and-mortar casinos. What about receiving things like free casino chips every month? This is something that you’ve never heard of. When you play online, different sorts of monthly surprises and free chips are of regular occurence. Remember that the higher will be your rank in loyalty program, the more you can earn.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is still not being able to decide on whether to play in physical casinos or online ones, take into account the above mentioned points in order to motivate yourself.

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