Online casinos and Bonuses – A guide for beginners on the types of bonuses available

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Have you ever wondered about what it is that keep casino goers coming back time and again? Is it the whistles or the bells, the pulsating lights, the drink, delicious food or the thrill and excitement of the game? Isn’t it commendable how the casinos have taken over the entire gaming world? A fact that is even crazier is that the online casinos are gaining popularity quickly and are giving the physical brick-and-mortar casinos a run for their money.

While online casinos are unable to offer drink and food to entice their players, they surely can do a superb job with the amazing graphics and the bells and whistles which can make you feel that you’re playing in a live casino. Something that’s even more attractive is casino bonuses. There are indeed many types of online casino bonuses out there in the market and if you’re not aware of them, here’s help.

#1: Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is probably the most common bonuses for a new player as soon as he joins the game. As per this bonus, you will be required to deposit an amount in your account. But when you make the deposit, the amount will have to match by a certain percent till a particular amount. A 100% welcome bonus for $500. This means that if you deposit $500 in your account, you will receive $500 bonus in your online account.

#2: No deposit bonus

A no-deposit bonus is a bonus which is offered to new players even before they make a deposit. The casinos use the bonuses as tools for marketing to lure you to trying out their games. The casino will also keep safeguards at the right place to ensure that the gamers don’t play the game and run off with the money. This bonus can be considered as a free trial as when you see what you prefer, you can decide on depositing money within that account. Cash bonus is one of the types of no deposit bonus which you find online.

#3: Welcome Package

This works similar to the way in which welcome bonuses work but here you can earn the bonus on many of the first deposits in the new player account at the casino. While there are times when the bonus will be equal for the first few deposits and during other times, it may vary according to different amounts depending on whether or not that deposit is actually your first one or second.

#4: Deposit Method Bonus

A deposit method bonus can be offered whenever you make your deposit utilizing a deposit method. Such bonuses are utilized to coax you into choosing a specific method of transaction and it can also help you earn a little bit of extra. An instance could be a 15% bonus which is good for up to $100 when you deposit using the XXX method.

Whenever you decide to play in an online casino, you should take a close look at the bonuses which will allow you to get started. Know the requirements which you have to meet for each bonus.

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