Boku Casinos – the Payments – How does it work?

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Boku is one of the leading billing solutions company in the world. The company offers customers an alternate payment method without credit cards or e-wallet facilities. Payments can be made to any business in the world – all one needs is a phone contract. Many customers choose to use boku casinos as it is safe and there is no contract.

How does it work?

If you want to use Boku to make a payment, look for the Pay by Mobile on the Checkout page. No prior registration is necessary. Just pick the amount you want to pay and then enter your phone number. This authorizes payment and you have to confirm by saying ‘Yes’ to an automated message. Some countries may require PIN numbers and instructions are sent individually for each transaction. The total is displayed on the monthly phone bill.

Boku is also used to make recurring payments – the method is the same. Confirmations are required for each payment. Boku also offers a Customer Care page which offers users a look at their payment histories. There was this guy who had certain queries about the payments and playing games in the casino. However, the customer care extended all the support and information that was needed well on time to make the customer comfortable and satisfied while he makes a gamble at the Boku casino online.



Just as signing up is easy, stopping payment is just as easy. All a customer has to do is to send a “STOP” or “CANCEL” message from their phone. The Boku team attempts reversing transactions. This facility is available only in a few countries. Before signing up for this facility, check if it is available where you live. If it is not, then be aware that payments made through Boku are non-refundable.

One way to stop this facility is to block the number on Boku’s Customer Care Page and also contact your phone carrier. All transactions carried out using Boku are safe and secure as they are done on encrypted networks.


Boku has partnered up with leading marketplaces like Google Play, the Windows Store, Spotify, the PlayStation Store and League of Legends. It is also a popular payment method with casino customers and online bingo sites. If you as a customer want more information about the fees charged by Boku, check their website. Merchants may be another source of information in this area.

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