The Fun and Profit of Betting on the EPL

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There is nothing better than betting on football. Watching the game at the pub with your mates is great, but it is even juicer when you have a few pounds wagered on the match. Betting on football will make the beautiful game even better looking.

The English Premier League is one of the best football leagues in the whole world. And football betting is exploding all over the world. Even though there are loads of football games across the globe to bet on every weekend, the EPL is one of the more fun ones to wager on.

First let’s delve into how the Premier League works. The EPL is the top echelon of English football leagues. It is essentially the league of champions. There are 20 squads in the league, almost all of them concentrated in England and a few in Scotland and Wales. At the end of each Premier League seasons squads in the 18,19, and 20 spots are in the relegation zone. That means that they are pushed down to the next-lowest level of English football.

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But now, let’s focus on the highlights and odds to bet on football and the EPL. When you bet on the EPL, there are loads of ways to bet on matches. First of all, you can bet on which team will win or lose at the end of 90 minutes, or whether there will be a draw, Then you could place a spread on it, giving each team a goals handicap. OR you can go with the over/under on total goals.

Then you can look at the championship odds for the season. These odds are available before the EPL season starts and throughout the season. Probably the most famous example of a Premier League team beating extreme odds is the 2015-16 Leicester CIty squad overcoming 5,000-1 odds to win the EPL championship. You could make a pretty penny betting on a team with those odds, but it is very unlikely for that happen ever again.

With championship odds, the best way to make a killing is to watch as they fluctuate throughout the entire season. Plunk some money on a squad that loses a great player to injury, but will get him back for a late-season run. That is where there is money to be made.

But one of the best bets for the English Premier League is the each-way. That is where you put  a sum of money down on a team to either win the whole title or finish in the top 3, with differing odds. For example, with an each-way, you would slap 20 pounds down on Man City and that would be putting 20 pounds on them to win the league at 9 to 1 odds and you would also get 20 pounds on Man City to finish in the top 3 at ⅕ odds. The same 20 gets you 2 chances to win.

So when the EPL starts up, don’t forget to get your bets going right away. And have fun!

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