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We play online games because this is one of the places where your communication doesn’t have to be grammatically correct, prim and proper.

While playing with other gamers, you can be as informal and as friendly as you like.

Rarely do players use whole sentences, which is why their communication with each other is resorted to using popular, fun and easy to understand chat lingos.

BingoMagix offers online bingo games offering you to play with and befriend another player.

Here are some of the commonly used chat lingos in a game of online bingo.


GL = Good Luck

WTG = Way to go

BRB = Be Right Back

TY = Thank You

LOL = Laugh Out Loud

3TG = Waiting on 3 numbers to win the bingo prize.

2TG = Waiting on 2 numbers to win the bingo prize.

1TG = Waiting on 1 number to win the bingo prize.

Using chat lingos is time saving and is easily understood by all the players

There is hardly any fun when you are playing a game in solitude.

Gaming becomes more enjoyable when you play with people having a great competitive spirit. Using popular chat lingos are a great way to make striking conversations with players and befriending them.

Gone are the days when there would be conscious effort in being correct and fluent in your speech. Especially, while gaming online a quick GL, TY, LOL or BRB is good enough.

So, as you play your favourite game of online bingo, keep the widely used chat lingos handy, because the minute you find a great player and feel like befriending him or her, chat lingos will come to your rescue.

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