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The tremendous growth, speed, availability and affordability of the internet in the past eight years has led to somewhat of a revolution. This revolution has led to the ever-increasing popularity of online gaming, which is not only having an impact on the overall growth of internet usage, which is understood to have increased by around 50 per cent in the past 12-18 months, in the US but also to industries like gambling.

This industry, the gambling industry of course was traditionally, an industry of “housed” establishments where gamers or otherwise known as gamblers, went to satisfy their desire for exhilaration and entertainment. Cutting edge companies like Chippy Software have now introduced a new way that has completely changed the gambling industry.

Chippy Software is a wholly independent company that offers “white label and turnkey solutions for online casino entities and affiliation platforms.”

Chippy software claims well over two years of experience at the highest levels of gambling software solutions and as such rightly offers advanced technological solutions in the software solution fields of game development and platform creation.

Chippy’s software is best utilised as a management tool by gambling houses for their online gaming purposes.

Powered by a simple vision, that is to “provide all the necessary tools so that our clients can stand out of their competition in iGaming industry.” It is no wonder Chippy Software is a leader in the provision of iGaming Back Office technology solutions for businesses of all gaming industries.

The company offers high-value white label and turnkey solutions, ideal in improving the productivity and the competitiveness of various online gaming businesses. They have various other services which an online caisno can get enifit of.

This is exceptionally important in the current internet and gaming era where games must thoroughly capture audiences and consistently prove themselves to be not only engaging, but in the gambling industry, fair as well and committed to constant development and improvement.

This is where Chippy’s broad base of industry experts comes in. Its leadership core consists of highly experienced and skilled professionals, truly committed to the company’s vision. This ensures that Chippy’s core service offerings like back office solutions, mobile solutions, multi-language support and affiliate solutions lives up to the company’s established record of positive results.

Chippy offers the following features on its software products:

  • Player Activity Management – which relates to the monitoring of games
  • Help Desk and Ticket System – which relates to resolving player queries
  • Reporting – which relates to feedback and control
  • Cashier System – which relates to maintaining finances
  • 3rd Party Gaming Service Integration – which relates to inclusion of various types of games from various gaming content providers
  • Payment Gateway Integration – Which related to inclusion of payment systems for players to deposit
  • Security Control – which relates to keeping platform safe
  • Email Marketing Tools – which relates to sending all kinds of emails to players.

With such an exclusive offering, The gaming industry is sure to grow and one can expect Chippy to be at the forefront of this growth, and as such adding at least another ten years of gaming industry dominance to the ten it currently has enjoyed.

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