Fancy Play Syndrome During a Game of Poker

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It is very common to find players who are affected by fancy play syndrome (FPS), during a game of poker.  These players with FPS tend to play according to their whims and fancies. Such players bet and raise in situations that are adverse to them. They indulge in betting, during tricky situations, since their ego wants them to flaunt their superiority. A maniac is affected by FPS in an extreme manner and he/she bets and raises for fun. An FPS player wants to prove his superiority to other players, through every move but a maniac plays with a different motivation. An FPS player satisfies his ego, every time he plays. Unlike an FPS player, a maniac has pure fun, while trying to dominate others, through bets and raises. Click here agen bola to know about the website.

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An FPS player tries to appear formidable and tricky, while playing poker. He tries to win the game, by instilling dread in the other players. A maniac creates commotion and unrest among the fellow players, in a poker room, by betting and going for a raise, every time. His play becomes unreadable and he enjoys confusing other players. He enjoys the confusion that is displayed on the faces of other players. An FPS player will be angry, when his strategies are countered and he’s confronted with aggression from another player. He’ll be angry if somebody tries to check his moves and raise his bet. A maniac, on the other hand prefers to counter aggression with aggression and he does it for fun.

Counter Strategies For Maniacs

To counter every move of the maniac, a poker player has to devise a rather different strategy. One has to change his strategies according to the strategies employed by the maniac in question. A loose aggressive maniac never folds, so one has to stay away from continuation bet and wait for a proper opportunity to foil his game. Calling, once in a while and selectively picking hands can be smart play against such players. Bluffing never works against a loose aggressive maniac, so one has to avoid doing it. A maniac can bet with even two cards, at hand. He can bet without having a good hand. One has to try to understand the pattern of play of the maniac and read his game. For more Information, Please Visit : judi bola

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