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There are several ways to play and have fun playing blackjack online. Cleebo 21 is one of the today’s most popular option of playing online blackjack. The reason behind it’s popularity is because it’s a better and improved version of blackjack. The game allows multiple players and live dealers to bet on any of the five betting spots and play at the same time, making it a more realistic and entertaining experience.

Players who want to play 21 online can cooperate with each other and with the dealers. Since the game allows an unlimited number of players, multiple betting spots can be added to the game. The level of fun and excitement offered is great for online players who would otherwise get bored playing the common Blackjack game. The many ways in which various players can play identical hands makes it more fun, engaging and interactive than ever before.

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The objective of the game is for the online players to beat the dealer’s hand. Players should outbid the dealer by playing to get as close to 21 without exceeding otherwise they will lose.

How to beton the OnlineBetting Table

Just like in blackjack, the rules here are simple and easy to follow. At the betting table, you can place your bets on all five betting spots or on any other combination and there’s a timer that will let you know when to bet on your nameplate.  To start, click on the chip number and the bets spot to where you feel the chip will land. Since there are many players involved, each time you click a chip will add to the betting area, and players can increase or decrease their betting amount by selecting a new chip value.  When the timer stops running that betting period is concluded and the winner is declared.

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How to Play

Each player is dealt with two face cards while the dealer receives one card up and one face down. The betting spot will illuminate to show it’s your time to play and hand and you’re required to make a quick decision on where to place your chip or the bet timer will expire. When the timer expires you can reset the auto-play basic strategy.

There are other options if you want to continue to play 21 online. You can look at your cards and decide which maneuver you would like to make including Split, Double or Insurance according to the optimum strategy. In that sense, you can see that there are many similarities to Blackjack, but the game has revolutionized the way online Blackjack is played.



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