Mobile Casino Gaming in South East Asia

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As online mobile casino gaming swept the USA. South America, and the USA, it was Asia that was one of the last continents to get onto the online gambling scene. This is quite surprising as most Asian countries have a reputation for enjoying a flutter almost as if it was a traditional way of life for some. Now, mobile casino gaming is available literally all over the continent.

Arguably the most difficult continent to gamble online is South East Asia. Many of the countries in this sub-sector of Asia are not overly keen on the idea of allowing their citizens to gamble online. That being said, even in countries where the traditional online casinos based and licensed in Europe will not allow players from certain SEA countries to sign up, there are special online casinos that offer mobile gaming.

When we say special, these mobile casinos have been purpose built to service players in that particular country. For example, check out บาคาร่า. This is a casino aimed at attracting those that want to play mobile casino games in Thailand. Thai citizens find it very hard to play online casino games. If you have a Thai bank account, you are not allowed to fund online casinos using any form of bank card.

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Even if you have a PayPal account, you may try to sign up to a mobile casino. The result, however, will be that PayPal will reject the transfer due to restrictions on funding these types of websites with the country.

This is not the only problem. Many Thai’s cannot read or write English. As a rough figure, only 20% of the country speaks English as a second language. When we say speak English as a second language, we mean speak the language well enough to able to understand the rules of an online casino game in English.

To get around this problem, mobile casinos that target the Thai online casino market offer mobile downloads in Thai language. This is all achieved through an agent such as Gold Club 888 mentioned above.

Mobile gaming in Asia is provided by certain casino software providers. To mention a few, these are the three most well-known because they all cater for several Asian languages. Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English; as English is the common language between all countries.

  • Spade Gaming
  • 2winpower –
  • Simbat

Thanks to these mobile casino platform provides, operators are able to connect to their casino platform. From here, the casino platform provider will connect to other well-known casino platform providers; such as, Microgaming and most often seen in Asia Real Time Game (RTG).

In the end, high quality gaming is achieved when the casino platform provider delivers the games via its network. This is done via technology that will adapt to the mobile device of the user. Screen size, processing speed, memory, resolution and several other factors are taken into account to optimise the gaming experience for the end user.

Put all these factors together, and now mobile gaming in Asia is possible to a very high standard.

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