Specific Calculations in Gambling With Specific Results

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On the Internet or on television, advertisements are not lacking to promote betting houses. For example in my case, we always jump everywhere popups (pop-ups) of Bet365, a betting house where you can make money betting on almost everything and you, have you already tried betting on a match or a race? It is a method that many people use to obtain extra income; and if you do it correctly, you can also take some money home.

How do sports betting work on the Internet?

You choose a sporting event. It can be a tennis match, a football match, a cycling race … and bets on a result. Not all results have the same value, and that is called the quota. For example, a victory would not be a big surprise, and therefore his share would be 1.2. That means you have a chance between 1.2 to win (or rather, 10 chances among 12). However, a victory by David Ferrer is much more unexpected and his share is 4 in Tembak Ikan.

The bets

You have understood it now, right? It is about betting on a result, and this bet is characterized by a quota, which represents the probability that the result will occur.

But… What is bet?

Well, money, of course. This is specifically called the bet. You can bet from 1 dollar. It is often said that you bet a certain amount of money for a result, for example 10 s in the tie between Madrid and Sevilla, or 5 dollars for the first place in Spain in the qualifying group of the next World Cup.

The earnings

Once the match is over, the winners of the affected bets are given winnings. For example, suppose you have bet 10 dollars for the victory of Madrid against Sevilla. The quotas are the following: 1.4 for Madrid, 2.6 for Sevilla, 2.3 for the tie. If the Madrid wins, you get 14 dollars that is 10 dollars 1.4. Your win is 4 dollars (14 dollars won minus the 10 dollars bet). If the Sevilla wins or the two teams tie, you do not take anything, and you have 10 dollars less (the 10 dollars you have wagered).

In what sports can you bet?

You can bet on almost everyone. Victory or defeat of a football team, numbers of games during the second set of a tennis match, total of fouls awarded in the first part of a football match, name of the player receiving the first yellow card. You can also bet on the “normal” or handicap result, something that is used a lot in the United Kingdom or the United States.

For example, you predict that United will beat Arsenal with more than one goal difference. It’s like giving a handicap of a goal to United. In general, all sports and all leagues are available. If you’re fond of Bulgarian football, you’ll probably find matches in your favorite betting house. You can also bet on boxing, surfing, cricket. You can even make money betting on very original events, for example the next US president or the sex of Prince William’s next baby (yes, the British are a little crazy sometimes). No doubt that for the Tembak Ikan your options are perfect there.

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