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The markets on the FIFA World Cup betting sites, which you are able to view on the following site (, are still open and fans are still able to place their bets on the competition. The latest odds available suggest that nations such as Germany and Brazil are the two favourite teams to end up with the trophy at the end of the tournament. Both nations experience very successful qualifying campaigns and were some of the first few teams to secure their place at the finals this summer. Another nation which experienced a successful qualifying campaign was England. The national team managed to go the entirety of their qualifying campaign unbeaten with eight wins and two draws, only conceding three goals in the process. This was achieved despite changing manager after one game when Sam Allardyce was involved in some controversy which eventually led to his dismissal. Fortunately Gareth Southgate ensured that the team didn’t lose concentration and led the team to first position in the group, finishing eight points clear of second place Slovakia.

Despite having a qualifying campaign which was just as successful as some of the nations which are considered favourites, England aren’t heavily favoured to win the tournament. Although the entirety of the playing squad play for some of the biggest teams in the Premier League, the national team have underachieved in tournaments over the years. Since their only World Cup win in 1966, England have gone on to compete in nine more World Cup finals, and during this time period, they have only managed to win a total of 5 games in the knockout stages of the tournament. These wins were against the following: Paraguay (1986), Belgium (1990), Cameroon (1990), Denmark (2002), and Ecuador (2006). It’s this failure to perform in the finals which has led to England being considered outside favourites over the years. This is also why some novelty bets have better odds than England winning the World Cup.

‘Higher or Lower’ is a casual card game which is played a lot. All the player has to do is guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than the one given. We have taken inspiration from the popular game and used it to create this quiz. In this quiz the player has to guess whether the odds for a certain scenario is higher or lower than the odds for England winning the World Cup. Give this quiz a try and see how many questions you can get correct. Let us know your score!

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