How Do Tennis Betting Odds Work?

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The good news is that there are many different ways to bet on tennis, and each method of betting offers different ways to win. You can get good returns on your wager if you know how betting odds work in tennis.

There are different tennis betting odds, and you should be aware of them if you are planning to wager on a tennis match. In fact, many sports bettors find it confusing to bet on tennis due to the choice of betting options. Thankfully, you can now enjoy seamless tennis betting as here are some of the most common odds in the sport.

Money Line Betting

This is perhaps the most common and popular betting option in tennis. Here, the sportsbook will offer odds on the winner of the game. As a bettor, it you have the freedom to select winner. The favourite gets a negative money line while the underdog gets a positive money line.

Negative money line refers to amount of money you have to bet to end up winning INR 100 as profit. So, if Roger Federer has a negative money line of -190, you will have to bet INR 190 to win a profit of INR 100, or a total of INR 290.

Positive money line refers to the amount that you will win if you bet INR100. So, if John Isner has a negative money line +300, it means you will win INR 300 in profit if you bet INR 100.

When you bet on tennis, always take a look at the money line to decide if you should take the tennis betting odds that the bookie is offering. This decision will be based on the strengths and weaknesses of each player. If you feel that the favourite is playing well and has a higher chance of winning then you should take the negative money line bet. Remember, money line bet can be for individual matches as well as for the tournament.

Handicap Market

In the handicap market the focus is not on trying to guess the winner. Rather, it is about betting on how a tennis player will perform. In this market, one tennis player get better odds at the beginning by adding a specific number of games to the player’s overall score. So, even if a player loses the match but has a higher handicap compared to the winner, the winnings will be paid out by the bookmaker.

Accumulator Betting

If you are confident about your picks and want to increase your profits, opt for accumulator betting. To win this bet, you have to predict every result accurately. Otherwise, the bookmaker will not pay out the winnings. Accumulator betting is a great way to grow your profits exponentially. However, make sure you are certain about the odds and outcome of each game.


The tennis season has already started and now is a good time to enter the fray and enjoy some exciting sports betting in tennis. Find the right online sportsbook that offers the best tennis betting odds so that you can grow your profits throughout the playing season. Use one of these betting options but start small until you learn and understand each tennis betting option. Thereafter, you can increase your bet size and skyrocket your profits.

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