3 Things Casino Hosts Never Tell You

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There is a hidden tactic behind every game. And when it comes to the casino, no matter if you are playing land-based or online on Casino.buzz, the casino host wouldn’t tell you everything. Although, in the case of land based, the host help you with the travel arrangement and many other services. Here are the things hidden from you from which you can make the most of. Thank us later.

  • Which game has the highest comps?

The gist of every casino game is to let you gamble as much money as possible. As long as you are betting into the games, the casino will take advantage at its correct amount at last. Pro-casino hosts are aware which games consist of the highest house edge and highest hold percentage. They are aware of the lowest ones too. A host ascertains the comp level of a player by how much the player is expected to lose. This is done by the expected house edge on the casino game multiplied by the total amount wagered.

  • Which games have the lowest house edge?

The host will never want you to indulge in the games with the lowest house edge. Consequently, they do not let you know which ones have it. Although, it doesn’t matter which one has if you don’t play with them with the best possible strategy. But the host still intends you to lose as much as you can. They won’t let you indulge in the better games.

  • They don’t have the best interests in their mind.

No, your casino host doesn’t have the best interests for you in their mind. Yes, of course, they want you have the time of your life but only because people are prone to gamble when they are having fun. Your casino host wants you to bet as much as possible on your stay.

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