Then and Now: The Evolution of Casinos

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From how exclusive of an experience going to a casino used to be, it has become a very casual affair to play casino games these days. Ever wondered what was the point when somebody must have thought of building a fancy place meant for gambling? Casinos and gambling have a vivid and fascinating history. While they are pretty widespread now, there were times when casinos were only limited to certain regions. Here’s how casinos came into existence and how they evolved.

How it all began

Gambling sure wasn’t considered as a healthy sport. The first casino that opened was in an effort to keep gambling under curb by providing controlled conditions to gamble. It was in the year 1638 that the first ever gambling house called ‘The Ridotto’ was opened in Venice. However, since it caused a loss for the local merchants, it was shut down by the government of Venice about a century later.

Saloons: Secret Casino places

In various parts of America, the activity of gambling was quite an underground affair. As tourists would stop by at saloons to freshen up, eat, and meet many people, gambling would also be offered as a form of entertainment. However, gambling in saloons came to an end soon as a result of state legislation banning the activity.


It was in Nevada in the year 1931 that gambling was legalized. As a result, a line of legal casino came to existence. Las Vegas was the major city where most of the casinos stood. And soon, Las Vegas became the casino capital of the world- still popular in that sense. Gradually, other parts made gambling legal as well, like New Jersey.

Soon after gambling became a legal activity, casinos also made it to the online world. It wasn’t until casinos were available online that many people had played casino games. However, online casinos made it pretty easy for people to access casino games, like situs judi terpercaya and many other popular poker games.

Online casinos were not just easily accessible, but it also provided an opportunity to play the most popular casino games around the world for free. This was when the casino websites soon rose to an incredible level of popularity, attracting more online users gradually. As more and more people enjoy playing online casino games, one thing that can be stated with a great deal of confidence is that gambling and casinos would never go out of fashion.

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