Gambling online: A growing global industry

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If you have been keeping an eye on the digital gambling sector over the last few years, you will know just how much it has grown. From where it started initially when gambling over the internet began to where it is now has been quite some journey! This journey has seen online play take over from heading to physical casinos or bookies as the choice many players make now.

The figures don’t lie

The success and growth of the online gambling industry can be backed up by hard facts. To begin with, it is estimated that 51% of the world’s population currently gambles online at some point, which is a staggering figure. Revenue stats also tell their own story. Just a few years ago in 2016, the world’s online gambling market was worth $44.16 billion. In 2024, this is expected to grow to around $73.45 billion globally.

When you look at various countries around the world, the spread of online gambling is even more evident. Within the USA, for example, recent changes to law around playing at online casinos and sports betting in some states has caused it to become increasingly popular. Europe as a region generated $24.75 billion from online gambling in 2018 with the UK alone seeing a 12.8% rise in online gambling revenue between April 2017 and March 2018.

Online gambling is here to stay

With the rising revenue figures for the sector across the globe, it seems certain that gambling online is here to stay. As global revenue rises in the future, this is one industry to watch.

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