General tips for betting online

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Sports betting can be either the best, or the worst experience you’ll ever have. It will all come down to the fact of how you’re approaching it, and what kind of skill set do you have. Please bear in mind that you do not need to be a professional sports bettor in order to enjoy it, or even accumulate some serious winnings through it. Sports betting is a fantastic hobby to have if you happen to be a sports enthusiastic already. What could be a better way to spend your afternoon than watching your favourite sport and placing few bets to pump up the excitement?

Bet sports that you follow

If you don’t know anything about Horse Polo, or Golf, we suggest you try to avoid placing bets on these kind of sports. If you have a solid source (tips), then of course you can go ahead and place bets as you like, but in general it’s usually better to stick with sports that you already know of. If you’re a big fan of, let’s say, English Premier League, you probably already know all the players, managers, fixtures, tactics etc. This can be a huge advantage when placing your bets. Even the margins are pretty slim (online casinos has some pretty good people who watch football as their main job…), you can actually squeeze some edge here and there if you pay close attention. 

Bet responsibly – Kelly’s divider

ALWAYS make sure you bet within your range and under any circumstances do not increase your bet size if you’re bankroll wont allow it. Kelly’s divider is a great tool to calculate what betsizes you should use on your single bets. The system usually allows only 1-5% max bets, depending your risk taking abilities and willingness. If you ever find yourself thinking “This must be a sure bet, I should go all in” – just take a look what happened in the Champions League Semi’s between LFC and Barcelona. Liverpool was given 4% chance of winning the match up and they won the match 4-0, proceeding to the finals on aggregate of 4-3. Anything is possible when we’re talking about sports. Anything. 

Take full advantage of available bonuses

When playing on a new site, make sure you take all their available bonuses to start things off with. It’s basically free money that allows you to make for example one crazy bet if you want to. Let’s say you’ll deposit 100 USD, you are usually rewarded with another 100 USD to gamble with. Now you could place one 100 USD bet as it’s virtually free money and gamble the rest of the 100 USD responsibly if you wish. The main point is, that bonuses and campaigns allows you to supercharge your bankroll without even placing a single bet yet. If you’re ever in need of great bonuses, please visit It’s a site that has collected all the best bonuses in one place. Pick your favourite and start betting the games and matches you love!

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