Parx Casino Continues To Bring Pennsylvania Roulette To The Online Domain

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The game of roulette has become one of the most closely linked to casinos over the last 100 years or so because it has taken center stage in many different movies and books. We have all sat back and watched movies with British secret agents make their way to some of the world’s most famous casinos and betting on the spin of the wheel. Parx Casino is now offering Pennsylvania roulette games through its online platforms, including its Android mobile app that has become one of the most popular in the state.

Do you know what roulette is? The complete origins of roulette are hard to pin down because there were many games played throughout ancient history using a ball in a wheel. The modern version of roulette is usually credited to the French math expert, Blaise Pascal who revealed his game in the 17th-century. The French take the credit for inventing the game but there were many different games that had similar rules and outcomes. For example, an ancient Chinese game used numbers in a square that added up to 666 with players betting on the outcome of each move. Pennsylvania roulette games could be based on the games played by the ancient Romans and Greeks to pass the time when they were waiting to take part in various battles.

The current incarnation of roulette played at Parx Casino is that found in Europe. Despite the French taking the credit for the creation of Pennsylvania roulette, the French version of the game has become known as American roulette with a double zero on the wheel. The Parx Casino has been a source of success for many years since gambling was legalized in Pennsylvania in the early-21st-century with roulette being a mainstay of the physical casino. Since the launch of the mobile app, European roulette with its single zero on the wheel is the game available as a live dealer option. Other versions of roulette are soon to be developed on the app to give you the best options in playing an exciting live dealer game.

Once you have started your roulette odyssey with Parx Casino you will be looking to take advantage of the many different bets on offer. Pennsylvania roulette uses the classic rules of the game with the ball spun on a wheel with bets placed on what is known as the inside or outside of the table. The first option is to choose if you want to bet on a single number, known as a straight or single with a split being a bet ion the two numbers vertically opposite each other on the wheel. Inside bets offer the highest payouts because they provide the highest odds of winning.

In contrast, outside bets have lower odds of winning and usually offer a smaller payout for the player. Outside bets can include the chance to bet on the color of the winning number or whether the winning number on Pennsylvania roulette wheel will be odd or even. The European roulette wheel provides a number of specialty bets including the dozen bet when the player bets on the first dozen numbers of 0-12, the second dozen of 13-24, or the third dozen of 25-36.

There are many advantages to be found when you create your account, make your initial deposit and choose to play roulette for the first time. These include this being a game of very few rules so it can be picked up in just a few spins of the wheel. Playing with a live dealer means you can discuss the different kinds of bets and learn about the game in a fun and secure environment.

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