Cricket- Until the Last Ball You Cannot Predict Winner

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Cricket has become one of the famous and loving sports in the world. It is a game, where two teams play with each other by bat and ball. Each team consists of 11 players. Players of a team score the run, and the other side chases the run; if the second team couldn’t achieve the target, then the team loses the match and first time win the game. Cricket was started in the England. We, as a cricket lover, make many predictions like, who will win today match? Sometimes our prediction goes right or occasionally wrong. We can predict the cricket match online with the help of many apps 

How and where to play a cricket match

For playing a cricket match, you need a ground of the circular and round-shaped grassy fields. There is no fixed diameter of the area for the ground; it may be between 136 m to 150 m. On the ground, a cricket pitch is made of about 15 meters. On the pitch, the bowler throws the ball, and batsman hits the ball. The batsman hits the ball and runs for the score if the ball crosses the boundary, then batsman gets the four or six runs.

Rules to play the cricket: 

There are many rules to play cricket. Some of these are:

  • If a bowler throws the ball and batsman misses the ball and ball hit directly to the wickets. Batsman will be called bowled out in this situation.

  • The batsman hits a ball, and a fielder catches the ball before the ball touches the ground. This situation is called the caught out situation for the batsman. 

  • If the ball hits the batsman’s body, that time ball would have hit the wicket otherwise. It is called LBW (Leg before wicket). 

If we are familiar with these rules of cricket, we can easily predict that who will win today match? Useful information about the game makes prediction easier. 

Types of the cricket match

There are three types of format of the cricket match. 

  • Test cricket match

It is a five days cricket match, a match as a test cricket lasts for five days. Both teams get two turns to do batting and bowling. There is no limit of the over in the test cricket. It continues on the fifth day or with the win or loss of one team. Sometimes the match is declared draw when there is no outcome get by the both of the units. 

  • One-Day Cricket

As the name defines, it is a match for one day or lasts for one day only. This match is also called a 50-50 over match. Each team plays 50 over in the one day cricket. There are many great one-day matches’ tournaments conducts like cricket world cup and champions trophy. 

  • T20 Cricket 

It is the shortest format of cricket. The T20 cricket match continues only for the 20 over. The decision of the win and lose come within the 3-4 hours. 

According to our interest, we can choose any format to predict. There are Lots of apps available on which we can predict the result of the match. One can easily give its prediction with millions of other cricket lovers that who will win today match? Who will take the many wickets?

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