Why is account registration necessary for refer & earn program of an online casino?

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The online casino has a plethora of gambling games that can be played for free and also offers the player bonus, which they can use for betting games of the portal. Online casino Malaysia has introduced an amazing feature for its customers. The website offers the users to earn money from the portal through their refer and earn program. In this scheme, the user needs to promote the website on their social media handles and blogs with the given link. Whenever the site receives traffic through that link, a user with a given link gets a commission.

Account register

The first thing that a user has to do for getting the access to refer and earn program of online casino Malaysia is to register an account on the portal. Any licensed casino websites on the internet have the compulsion for users to register with the site. The reason is all the games that are available on the website, whether its free or betting games. Offers an extra bonus, which only can be transferred via an online payment method, including credit and debit cards. However, another reason for account registration is to keep user online privacy safe. By registering with the portal, a user gets a bunch of benefits over the gameplay, including.

  • Free bets
  • Cash back
  • Discount on deposit
  • Access to exclusive games

Join the community

Some online casinos are nowadays also offering the users to join the community on the portal; the scheme basically connects a user with gambling enthusiasts of the portal. In which they can interact over the gameplay strategy and all to improve the overall performance of themselves. The feature is completely free to use, but the only requirement is that the user has to register an account first. Due to these kinds of features and services, the online casino is now the fastest growing business on the internet.

The estimated revenue of these portals has now been counted in billions. After having a lot of discussion over these fantastic gambling portals. You might be wondering is their risk associated with these sites after all its a gambling site. Well, let me clarify that these sites are comparatively different from a land-based casino in which a person has no security over the loss recovery. Similarly, these websites offer a hundred percent return of the user’s amount. That they have spent on the betting sequence of a game on these portals.


The best reason for considering an online casino instead of preferring a real casino is the reliability that the websites offer. As all the games on these portals can be played via the computers and mobiles easily, on the other hand, there is no limitation over the betting amount. The land casino does not offer any kind of these features and services, and they have limitations also. Slots in the real casino mostly of three to five screen slots, but these portals have more than seven-screen slots. That offers more betting options on every roulette.

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