Online Slots and Newborn Millionaires: Our Story!

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The likelihood of hearing news on a new mega millionaire always comes to pass by almost every week. This is usually being accompanied with photos of the people winning being awarded big checks. However, with this happening you may wonder just how come the figure keeps on increasing monthly, with up to $6 billion awarded to more than 1600 millionaires.

Real deals

One of the major reasons as to why there are so many ‘slot players becomemillionaires’ stories’ is the fact that it’s real. With one person winning many more are drawn to the fact that an average Joe, who tried for the first time won. In this regard many sign up and end up playing more, increasing the chances of winning even more.

Controlled Rules and regulations

When it comes to playing on slot machines as a starter, the first thing you will ask is if there are actual real chances that a person is picked randomly and not already elected winners’. In this regard with regulations straight from agaming commission, one is assured that every single spin, every new player has a real chance in winning the mega jackpot. In the end with the regulatory body as a foundation, many are inclined to join as there have been real results of person who are not related in any way with casino owners actually winning.

Consolation prizes

Reality is that to win the mega jackpot, a maximum bet has to be placed and as many spins spun to hit the jackpot. In this regard with the likelihood of not going to the slot machine offering the biggest jackpot due to the amount of money payable at first high, smaller consolation prizes are often given. In this regard even though the amount given often awarded varies from machine to machine and varies in games, one feels consoled. In this case one often gets ready to go for the bigger jackpot next time, thus more winners in the end.


The reality of video slotsis that there are usually millions of negative possibilities, before anyone actually ever gets to hit the jackpot. However, with the increase in both online and location casinos offering the same thing, casinos have to ensure that the slot machines gives as many high positive possibilities as possible to gain clients. In the end when one sees announcements of slot players becomes millionaire, chances of them going to the same are higher. Thus, both the casino wins as more people become millionaires.

Lucrative deals

With the fact that every machine has its specific mega jackpot to be won, casinos ensure that to be able to get a lot of people, the deal has to be as lucrative as possible. In this regard it comes as no surprise when the mega jackpots being won by slot players often are amounting to more than 1million dollars. In the end with advertisements done by both the casino and players who have played and won by referral, many are drawn to such deals in the hopes of winning. In the end many flock to play often and as more spins are being plays on the slot machine. In the likelihood of getting a slot player who becomes a millionaire becomes even higher.

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