Is Audience Presence Related To Home Advantage?

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Athletes use their minds and body to operate within the court entirely. Their gambit and skills are simultaneously working in able to win against the opposing team. Players accomplish such multitasking because they train themselves until they succeed in achieving their killer moves to startle their rivals. Losses in previous games can also learn what they learn from their past mistakes and improve them. Additionally, numerous people are supporting them and trusting in their abilities to bring home the bacon.

Thus, athletes are keen to play within their home court’s facilities because more supporters will come and watch their match. The more audiences, the more it boosts the confidence of an Olympian to give their best shot.

The 58.9% of home teams in N.F.L. won against their rivals in the 1990s can prove why players much prefer playing in their home field.

However, during the next season after the 1990s achievement, the percentage dropped to 55.6%. The ratio continued falling until the current time where it is only at 51.7% – which is the lowest recorded of a sports team winning within their home court premises.

Meanwhile, the documented MLB teams won against the opposing team in their home field are 54%. The N.B.A. is at the highest peak, counting to 59.9%.

These documented fractions stated the fact that every sportsman or sportswomen differ base on how they gain motivation. The motivational screams and cheers of the audience arouse other athletes’ will to win – that’s why it is their home advantage. Howbeit, several players are not that keen on the roars of the spectators. For them, it is only noises that take away their focus and gives them anxiety. 

So how does the audience presence can be a home advantage?

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